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Steering & Suspension System

Ever wonder how that turn of the steering wheel translates into the wheels turning on the ground? Or how your car can go over a bump without continuing to bounce down the road? The answer to both is your vehicle’s steering and suspension system.

The suspension system is a series of levers, pivots, and cushions that connects the wheels to the car’s frame. It’s there to absorb roadway irregularities, while holding the wheels in the proper position.

The steering system consists of a set of gears, linkages, and pivots to keep the wheels facing the same way, while allowing you to choose which direction the car goes. Most cars today offer some type of power steering. It doesn’t matter whether your car has a steering box or rack and pinion. Both systems are available in a power steering version.

Together, the suspension and steering system enable you to steer the car in the direction you choose at a reasonable level of comfort, regardless of the roadway surface. Our certified technicians are fully trained in the maintenance and repair of the various suspension and steering systems and can help you keep them in good working order.

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